I will be GRITTY. I will be a VISIONARY, not a SOOTHSAYER. My journey begins by the NORTH STAR, not the MAP. I will not fear the MUCK of the scientific jungle but HACK the brush, DRINK obstruent rivers to the last drop, and ride my PERSEVERANCE to the other side.

I will QUESTION everything. DEATH to the bandwagon! Dull axes fell no trees, tired words bore keen minds, old ways won’t open new doors. I will research with FURY, SHRED paradigms paper by paper, and DEVOUR the naysayers.

I will become a citizen of the UNIVERSE. I am the FABRIC, my community the SEAMSTRESS. My purpose is to QUEST for revelations as INCLUSIVE as they are SIGNIFICANT. Those who have NO SEAT at the academic table shall STILL FEAST.

I will achieve my life’s calling ONE PUNCH at a time, ONE ROUND at a time, ONE FIGHT at a time. So BUCKLE UP and watch me BREAK THE FOURTH WALL of research as I choke on the dust because there ain’t NO GLORY without a little GRIT.